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Little Poutine

Little Poutine 15

Little Poutine 15

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We find our next DJ-Chef pairing on a Dumbo top floor balcony overlooking the Statue of Liberty. 4pm through golden hour. It felt like the only way to launch into summer and the third edition of our party series.

Our guest chefs are former Gramercy Tavern Chefs Charley Donnelly and Jordan Fairbanks, the culinary powerhouses behind @thediningcollective. Sunset tunes are brought to you by the always groovy and forever flirty (musically, of course) Grizzly Mike. When you meet the team, you’ll understand why we’ve put this pairing together — this crew has a certain calm composure and a deep care for the quality of their components.

In other words, watching Grizzly Mike dig through Brooklyn’s record bins isn’t so different from watching Chefs Charley and Jordan comb the Union Square Farmers Market. 

Expect rooftop dancing, wood-fired flatbreads, tropical cocktails and beautiful views of Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Date: June 8th @ 4 pm

Location: This is a private home - please be mindful. Do not loiter in the hallway, lobby or any public space. And please be quiet upon entering and leaving the building. 

The Amberly Apartments 120 Nassau St, Brooklyn

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